Foxtography was founded on the belief that photos capture more than just your likeness, they capture your history. 

I have used art, be it sketches or photography, to keep memories of travels, experiences and loved ones since I was young. I have owned, volunteered with and cared for more species of animals than I can count and traveled to many far off places and that is where my passion for photography bloomed. A passion for myself turned into a passion for others as I used years of volunteering with The Maryland Horse Trials to dive into Equestrian Sports photography.  

Eventually, after focusing on unrecognized shows and other events that photographers don't normally attend, I not only attend both recognized and unrecognized equestrian events, I also do barn shoots, family and senior portraits, and occasionally dabble in the automotive scene. 

I'm blessed to have the support of friends and family and a good foundation for creative outlets in my life. I hope you enjoy my work as much a I do!